Indulge in an Enchanting Retreat with our Exquisite Cabins and Luxury Suites

Envision a realm where you awaken to the sight of a majestic giraffe right at your doorstep, without traversing the vast expanse to Africa. As your day unfolds, it blossoms into an extraordinary odyssey, replete with exclusive excursions that enlighten and acquaint you with these magnificent creatures. Discover their profound significance and how your active participation in conservation endeavors can safeguard their existence.

At Giraffidae Manor, We are fostering intimate connections with our esteemed guests. Through these unparalleled encounters, a profound admiration for these resplendent beings will be kindled within you, igniting an unwavering commitment to champion their welfare and survival amidst the untamed wilderness.

Indulge in an Unforgettable Breakfast or Dinner Encounter with Our Graceful Giraffes

Come meet our Beautiful Giraffes

We offer an exceptional experience that you and your family will enjoy. Not a traditional zoo exhibit where barriers distance guests from personal encounters with the animals, Giraffidae Manor treats a small number of overnight guests to more of an immersive, exclusive safari experience. 

Book your accommodation in our rustic cabins or luxurious suites, and experience the singular thrill as our amiable giraffes make their unceremonious entry into your room. 

The Businessman

My name is Edelmiro J. Martinez, and I am the founder and owner of Giraffidae Manor Resort which was established in 2023. My journey with exotic animals started in 2005 at my ranch which is nestled in Laredo, Texas. My 639-acre ranch was my private retreat and area for me to enjoy time away from city life…. However, my plan changed once I saw how people love giraffes and the interaction they provide.  My mission is also to leave a legacy in life with a love for these animals and our City of Laredo. These majestic animals brought peace to me and I immediately wanted to share the experience with the public. These animals may be originally native to other continents such as Africa – however, our animals have been born and raised in the United States. My goal in life is to make a difference and if one thing I know about the Giraffe mammal is that they are incredible! While at the resort you will be able to do a personal experience not only with giraffes but also with other exotics that are living there. 

Come and visit Giraffidae Manor to live the experience of these beautiful animals and enjoy a relaxing stay creating some memories that will last a lifetime.